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ALWAYS find time for the things and for the people that make you feel happy to be alive.
— Charleyne Oulton
It is not a surprise that trauma and pain changes people. Your pain speaks with wisdom. When you are a small child, this same pain teaches you to not touch fire by burning your fingertip. As you age, and grow, your pain will teach you how to be careful, and it will teach you to have compassion to others. You will encounter many people who are are hurting and you should be kind to them, listen to them, show them how to be strong in adversity. Use your own struggles, experiences and pain as fuel to change you in a POSITIVE and beautiful way. This is how YOU can change the WORLD. #makeadifference
— Charleyne Oulton


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Your greatness is NOT what you have, or what you have accomplished, rather it is what you GIVE to others.
— Charleyne Oulton

That’s the thing about co parenting, and parenting after divorce. The structure and discipline, routine and love for the children needs to remain constant, but otherwise we as parents and step parents, and extended family members have to remain very flexible.