Charleyne is a confident, happy, divorced, mom of three children who lives on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. She is genuine, experienced, and passionate about creating and maintaining a life full of grace and joy.  She is also a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, an appreciated health and wellness coach, published author, contributor for blog:, and photographer even through the busy and beautiful chaos of raising a family. It is her purpose to inspire women, and specifically the busy, overworked and exhausted mothers around the world to remember their personal strength. That they, along with us all, are deserving of living a life filled with health, happiness and harmony.



"Love yourself enough to live a healthy life."- Charleyne Oulton,


I have learned through my divorce and by raising my three children that the only thing permanent in my life is FAMILY. Everything else constantly changes and I accept that gorgeous chaos, and encourage you to do the same. Breathe. Surrender. Accept what is. Be Present. Be Gracious & remember EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!
— Charleyne Oulton
Choose your words and thoughts carefully. Be kind in how you speak and think about others AND yourself. Be positive. Be kind. Be love
— Charleyne Oulton
If you want to be unstoppable, unshakeable and unbreakable, you need to BELIEVE in YOURSELF.
— Charleyne Oulton
You do not always need a plan. Sometimes you need to trust in the journey, and let go of what is. I truly believe that what is coming is better than what is gone.
— Charleyne Oulton
The beautiful thing about life is that you can always change, grow, and manifest a positive alteration. You are not defined by your past, or your prior choices. TODAY is a blessing, a new day, and a fresh start. TODAY you can start over, and today you can focus on YOUR physical AND mental health.
— Charleyne Oulton
Your life, time, energy, thoughts, and body are precious. Please, carve out some time today, just to FOCUS on YOURSELF.
— Charleyne Oulton
I AM WORTHY - These three little words hold so much power, and have become part of my daily affirmations and meditations. These words have given me strength when I have felt weak, given me hope when I have felt desperate, and have inspired me to focus on my own personal growth.
— Charleyne Oulton
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